About Apprentice Mentor

How to use this site: The directory can be used to post a listing for an apprentice or mentor and also to search and read posts made by potential apprentices and mentors. You can use the search box to narrow the listing by craft or location. 

We’ve broken the listings down into categories by medium. The “Other” category could include anything from food to bath and body items. We’ll determine if additional categories need to be created if they start to repeat here.

First you need to sign up! It's fast and easy.

Then create a profile: Choose if you are an apprentice or a mentor. Then pick your location city and state. Decide if you are willing to travel and how far. Then choose the duration - how long you're looking to spend in an apprenticeship. This is just a rough idea, and could always change. Then write about the skills you have to offer someone and a description of what you're looking for, this is where you can really go into detail about things.  You can even upload photos - a great opportunity to show a photo of yourself or your work or your studio. To see a sample profile, check mine out HERE.

Filling out these fields will help narrow it down when people are searching but don't feel boxed in, you can always clarify exactly what you're looking for in the description box.

We've created the 'meeting place' now it's up to you to use the site! Take the same common sense precautions online as you would offline.  We hope you find someone that will help you on your journey, whether you're just starting out or you need someone to help you on your way.