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Newark, DE
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Other
Location City: Newark
Location State: DE
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: any
Duration: any

Skills to Offer:

Strong physical skills, analytical skills, entrepreneur skills, business skills, cooperative skills, willingness to learn, hard worker, determination, professional skills, computer technology skills,

Minister, honor roll throughout high school, was A / B student, Volunteers at hospitals, loves to learn new things,

Tenor Saxophone player, Singer,

Description of Apprenticeship:

My name is Javan James. I would like to start out by saying that I love to learn and look forward to my mentors. I am looking for a carpenter mentor who would be able to teach me how to be a master carpenter. I love to use my hands, fix, and build things. Other things I'd also enjoy being apart of as an apprentice is wood working, wiring, ventilation, any other things to do with construction

As far as Art I love background art so if there is a mentor out there who would like to teach me background art thank you very much, if you can also show me how to drawl people that's a bonus.

I'm also a musical person I own a tenor saxophone and I know only the basics and some other things. I used to play in a band now I'm a church musician if there is a saxophone artist out there who could take the time and mentor me I would really appreciate it a lot.

I would also love to learn to dance if possible

Lastly I go to school currently for Criminal Justice so if there is a State Police Officer by chance or County Police Officer for Delaware please let me know so that I can learn a great deal from you.
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