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  Metal Apprentice seeking a Mentor


Kristian Merchand
Charleston, SC
P: 503-901-7980
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Metal
Location City: Charleaton
Location State: SC
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: any
Duration: unsure

Skills to Offer:

Clay sculpting (not formally trained), good working in situations with minimal tools. Can use basic manual hand tools, manual hand saws, drills, and keep them clean/maintained.

Description of Apprenticeship:

Young adult artist who wants to learn how to make what i feel i need to make. It has been very hard to learn with no money for classes or formal school. Ive sculpted soft materials since childhood, now i work with clay. My favorite thing to sculpt is people. I particularly enjoy making human heads. I prefer to make them as realistic as possible. There is a lot i have in my head and on my heart so I need to learn how to work better with clay, metal, stone, and glass in order to get them out. I dont want to become a rich or famous artist who works for money. I have three self employing jobs for the bills, and have been a hermit more or less. Being able to sculpt and share what I've done with who ever wants to see is the end result Im looking for here.

Having a mentor would be beneficial to me so that i may be corrected when I'm wrong. The learn-by-mistakes method has been working over time but Id learn more efficiently with a guide. Also, helping with someone else's projects based on their visions would open my mind to more than what I have floating in there currently. I could watch someones process and techniques and see their skills at work. I learn by seeing and doing so this is really the only way.

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