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Luke Shepherd
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Luke Shepherd
Luke Shepherd
Holne Cross
Ashburton, UK TQ137
P: 01364652012
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Membership: mentor
Medium: Other
Location City: Exeter
Location State: UK
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: any
Duration: any

Skills to Offer:

Portrait Modelling - Portrait Modeling Resin Casting - Cold Cast Bronze Mould Making - Mold Making Advice on Lecturing - Teaching Plastic Surgeons - Advice on Working to Commission - Teaching - Private Courses

Description of Apprenticeship:

Mentor in Portrait Sculpture. Over the years I have passionately researched traditional techniques and working methods that are difficult to find these days. My Mentoring stems from 30 years Working to Commission, Teaching in Art Schools, Running Private Courses, and Teaching Plastic Surgeons. I'm not just interested in teaching, but in encouraging and passing on and keeping alive traditional methods which are all but lost from art education. My own process of learning took many years to develop in the life room and I'm finding that the courses I run and current students whom I apprentice are learning far quicker than I could. There are steps to be understood and protocols to follow that make learning very much easier.Mentoring is set up to suit your individual needs and would ideally suit a dedicated person who knows that they want to develop figurative sculpture, using perception. Mentoring works well through email and if possible through occasional studio visits to support you and give direct feedback throughout the creative process. Through telephone and email contact you will be able to clarify any aspects of your sculptural work with the back up and support of a professional. A mentor is at hand, when you need advice or simply to run a few things by another fellow sculptor. You will work upon your own sculpture, with careful and considered guidance — when you need it. Please email Luke to receive 2 examples of recent Mentoring advice given to current apprentices. Planes of the Head and Feedback on recent work. Luke brings his 30—year experience of modelling and offers advice on specifics of technique, armature building, materials, mould making, resin casting and working to commission. Personally tailored to suit your requirements. So if you feel that you could benefit from either a few hours of personal tuition on a one—off project or an ongoing mentor as backup for your work…just contact Luke. Day visits to Luke’s studio can be arranged to suit your requirements. "My aim is to offer individual and precise guidance, drawing on my wealth of technical, sculptural and teaching experience. I had the opportunity to study with Manzu when I was younger and know that I would have benefited enormously from the experience of a mentor in sculpture. My other passion is the martial arts which I study concurrently alongside my sculpture. " Further Info: Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to further discuss how mentoring may be a useful way to further your sculpture.www.luke-shepherd.com

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