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  Mixed Media Apprentice seeking a Mentor


Colorado Springs, CO
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Mixed Media
Location City: Colorado Springs
Location State: CO
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: any
Duration: 1 year

Skills to Offer:

I have held a camera since i was 5 and raised by people who love photography. I love the darkroom and still use it. I have more recently gotten into pastels, charcoals, graphite, inks and dabbled with paint. I have a will and focus to do good things but i need a mentor to help me get there.

Description of Apprenticeship:

I am 31 and live in gorgeous Colorado. I have been teaching academics for over 5 years and therapy riding since 2003. I am easy going and love my music, yoga and art. All of which could use a boost of encouragement and guidance.
I like to get out, climb, explore, and learn from as many as i can, in whatever they are willing to teach me. I have a heavy background in education and I feel it is time to move on and explore my art side again. I am looking for a teacher who is patient, willing to help me focus and produce great works. I am almost completely self taught in art, but I love it and would like to solely dedicate myself to learning expanding and later sharing what I learn with others who ask for it.
My dream is to one day have a small place not in the city limits to call home a dog at my side and a horse to explore on and hook a small carriage to.

Blessing Be and I hope this site helps me to connect and move on in life.

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