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  Pottery Apprentice seeking a Mentor

Hillsboro, NH
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Pottery
Location City: Hillsboro
Location State: NH
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: within 60
Duration: any

Skills to Offer:

I have a B.A. in Studio Art, with my specialties being in Painting and Printmaking. I have experience with editing, Photoshop, website design, and graphic design.

Description of Apprenticeship:

I am interested in pottery as well as textile design. I particularly wish to hone my skills as a potter, specifically with wheel-throwing, firing, and glazing techniques. I would like some guidance whenever possible as well as access to a kiln and/or studio space, in exchange for any sort of work duties. I'm especially interested in raku and wood-firing techniques. I would also love to learn how to screen-print on cloth, or how the process of getting designs onto cloth and accepted by design firms.
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