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  Metal Apprentice seeking a Mentor


Stephen Gstundtner
Cherryville, NC
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Metal
Location City: Cherryville
Location State: NC
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: any
Duration: any

Skills to Offer:

I graduated with my BA in Studio Art from UNC-Asheville in May 2011. There I focused on traditional film/darkroom techniques, and sculpture. I learned how to create works in wood, steel, and casting aluminum, bronze, copper, and iron. I Iearned printmaking, painting, ceramics, drawing etc, but I fell in love with the thrid dimension, particularly metal working.

I learned how to use the acetylene torch, arc welder, mig welder, angle grinder, pan and box break, foot shear, sheet metal roller machines, the english wheel, tap and die tools, pop rivets, vertical and horizontal band saws, sand blaster, various hand tools, etc.

In casting I learned how to make investment molds using plaster and ludo mixtures. I learned the lost wax process, and I have made my fair share of sand molds for iron casting. I also learned how to use "one off" cast molds formed by dipping three grades of stuco like material to make a hardened shell around the wax positive. I also learned how to operate the burnout kiln and facilitate all aspects of pouring molten metals from donking, pouring, tapping, melting, firing the propane furnace, etc.

While I will always love traditional black and white photography, but I believe sculpture provides me with a deeper calling.

In the woodworking area, I can use a miter saw, table saw, band saws, planer machines, vaccume systems, dove tail systems, surface prep and staining, painting, etc. Althought I enjoy woodworking; there is something about metal fabrication that I cannot fully describe. The luster of a finished work, the organic forms of casting, the vibrating sound of hand machining with the angle grinder is like harmonizing with the universe. This is something I get excited about and look forward to doing every time it crosses my mind. It's not noise, its music!

Description of Apprenticeship:

In most of my sculptures, I strive to make them intractive with the viewer. I create to inspire others to create and to remind us that we are free to be who and whatever we see fit.

I am looking for a mentor to help teach me the ropes of the real world. I need someone who is willing to show or involve me in techniques that are applicable to the creation of legitimate works of art. I need someone who needs an assistant to do the jobs they do not want to, or have time/energy to do. One thing I would love to learn more about is patina work, I haven't really done anything serious with patinas.

I am willing to travel anywhere to find the right teacher. I'm not sure where to start, but I'm willing to work hard and put in the time to master the craft of metal working, be it casting or metal fabricating.

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