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  Metal Mentor seeking an Apprentice


Metal Ornaments Spoonlady
Metal Ornaments
Joy Raskin
PO Box 1422
Concord, NH 03302
Metal Ornaments P: 603-488-1301
Metal Ornaments www.joyraskin.com
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Membership: mentor
Medium: Metal
Location City: Concord
Location State: NH
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: within 100
Duration: unsure

Metal Ornaments Skills to Offer:

I'm fully trained in most jewelrymaking techniques, silversmithing and gas welding. My specialities are stonesetting, forging, wireweaving and wireknitting, most wireworking techniques, soldering ( I can solder just about anything), small-scale gas welding on mild steel, making spoons and functional utensils. I am a problem-solver, and can work to improve studios, existing skills, teach new skills, and help students expand their skills and knowledge. I have more than a decade of solid teaching experience and in constant demand to teach or mentor.

If anyone wants to do an apprenticeship, I cannot offer room/board, and since I'm out in a semi-rural county with no mass transit, a vehicle is required to be able to drive to my studio. I can only do some training in-house, a few hours a week due to a very hectic teaching schedule. Long-term apprenticeship is not possible right now, but short-term, like a few days to a few weeks are possible with further arraigement in the future. I will not drive more than 200 miles one way, and travel expenses needs to be covered such as gas/tolls. As it stands, I drive too much for classes and workshops, so I try to limit my driving to what is necessary.

Metal Ornaments Description of Apprenticeship:

I've been living, breathing and eating metal for more than a quarter century, since the fateful day I took jewelrymaking in high school. After earning two degrees in jewelry and metals, I've gone on to work in the fine jewelry field, specifically jewelry repair, before going into business for myself full-time. I also teach jewelrymaking and metalsmithing, at many schools, colleges and educational programs in NH, MA, CT, VT and more. Having worked at various schools, I became very good at rebuilding jewelry programs and improving metal studios as well as upgrading teaching skills. I do have my favorites which is soldering/brazing, knitting fine wire into jewelry, making spoons, gas-welding funky birds from nails, forging metal and doing tube settings. As the years go by, my work has gotten increasing bigger and bigger, after too many years of working on a tiny scale. It is fun to go big, make large sculptures for the garden. My motto is - torch in one hand and hammer in other hand. I'll solder anything that moves.

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