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  Jewelry Apprentice seeking a Mentor


Ballymena, AN
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Jewelry
Location City: Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Location State: An
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: any
Duration: 1 year

Skills to Offer:

I have recently completed a short course on Silver Jewellery making. During my time on the course I learned basic bench work skills such as soldering, piercing, stone setting, metal forming, working with precious metals, polishing etc.

Other skills I have are drawing, painting, designing, Photoshop, good time keeping, problem solving, good communication, creative, networking and Microsoft Office.

Description of Apprenticeship:

Graduated from University in 2012 with a BA HONS Degree in Fine Art. I have many skills to offer but would prefer to specialise in Jewellery design.

I am eager to learn more skills needed for Jewellery making and would love to find a mentor who is willing to teach me.
I will happily travel/relocate for the apprenticeship but would prefer if it is a paid apprenticeship as I will need to have an income whilst learning.

I don't mind how long the apprenticeship lasts for, just as long as it's not really short term. The very minimum amount of time I would agree with for a short term apprenticeship is 6 months.

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