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  Jewelry Apprentice seeking a Mentor


Boston, MA
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Jewelry
Location City: Boston
Location State: MA
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: within 10
Duration: One day per week

Skills to Offer:

Fundamental Jewelry Techniques:
Sawing | Piercing | Filing | Sanding | Polishing/buffing | Soldering | Annealing | Use of rolling mill | Use of draw plate | Hinge construction

Stone Setting:
Bezel setting | Prong setting | Channel setting | Pear shape setting | Marquise setting | Emerald cut setting | Bead work setting | Pave setting | Gypsy setting | Baquette setting

Wax Modeling/Casting:
Wax rings | Wax earrings | Carving wax | Wax sheet | Wax wire | Spruing | Investing | Centrifugal casting | Vacuum casting | Rubber molds | Use of wax injector

Decorative Processes:
Texturing | Chasing/repousse | Etching | Enameling | Electroplating | Fusing | Marriage of metals | Bead/pearl stringing

Description of Apprenticeship:

Libby Hamer began creating jewelry in the fall of 2011. In February 2012, she decided to quit her job in publishing and pursue her true passion, making jewelry. She enrolled in a full-time program at Studio Jewelers, a jewelry trade school in New York City, and graduated in August 2012. Since grduating, Libby has moved to Boston and set up a small home studio where she continues to create jewelry and hone her skills. Libby is currently looking for an apprenticeship in which she can continue to learn and further develop her skills.

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