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Warwick , NY
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Other
Location City: Warwick
Location State: NY
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: within 200
Duration: any

Skills to Offer:

I have experience working with stone, and bronze for sculpting. I made a mask from bondo, fiberglass/resin, and pepakura. I used wood, Styrofoam, and spray paint, for a prop sitar. I also worked with ceramics which I have focused mainly on pieces involving spikes.

Description of Apprenticeship:

Hello my name is Cecilie Braadt. I am about to graduate college with a BA in Dietetics but I have ALWAYS had a PASSION for the arts. No matter how much I have tried to focus on other things, the arts have always been calling me back. I have done my own side projects where I have made costume helmets and and props for comic cons and Halloween but this my final semester in college, I decided to take a sculpture class in which I chose stone. I had never worked with stone and eventually, after working with it over the past few months I have grown to love it. I had made a stone cat. This cat was not any ordinary cat, but a cat with spikes down its back in the form of a stegosaurus and ear that were both not made of stone but another material. My stone was weak and part of my cat's ear popped off. After some time thinking about it I decided to make both the ear and spikes by casting bronze. I want nothing more than to enhance my knowledge and artistic abilities with help from someone who also has a passion like I do. I am very hard working and really want to develop my artistic talents.
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