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  Jewelry Apprentice seeking a Mentor

kyle haviland
Wichita Falls, TX
P: 9403371578
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Jewelry
Location City: Wichita Falls
Location State: Tx
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: within 200
Duration: 1 year

Skills to Offer:

I have a four year degree in Fine Art. During this time I was able to gain experience sand casting aluminum and iron. I have worked with plaster, and am proficient with ceramics. I love to work with my hands and see well planned designs grow into completed works of art.

I was originally trained as a Fine Art teacher in Beaumont, Tx. Skills include:
- Certain types of casting
- MIG Welding
- Familiarity with the rules of a shop.
3 yrs of extensive training with Ceramic
- Throwing Porcelain
- Throwing Stoneware
- Hand Building
1 yr training in Graphic Design
- Classic training in the Principles and Elements of design
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator

Description of Apprenticeship:

I have been working for a Managed Service Provider here in Wichita Falls Texas for two years, and I am ready for a change. I feel the need to get back to my roots and become fluent in a medium I can enjoy and grow successful in.

What you can expect from me:

You can expect a person who takes their job seriously. I work best went problems are thoroughly planned.

Projects always have fewer time waisting delays when designs are well planned beforehand. I want to learn lost wax casting. I want to create beautiful pieces of both vacuum and centrifuge casts jewelry.
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