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  Photography Apprentice seeking a Mentor

Wambold, TX
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Membership: apprentice
Medium: Photography
Location City: Wimberley
Location State: TX
Will travel?: Yes
Travel Distance: within 200
Duration: any

Skills to Offer:

DSLR and manual SLR, darkroom skills/proficiency, Adobe Creative suite CS6 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver), WordPress, HTML, HTML5, CSS, working knowledge of PHP and Javascript (if you by chance need website assistance). Also I speak Spanish so if at all relevant I could help in that regard. I can also ride a bike with no hands.

Description of Apprenticeship:

I am 100% willing to relocate for the right apprenticeship. In fact, my objective is to gain residency in Connecticut or Virginia--since I seek to apply for the graduate program in photography at Yale or the graduate program in sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth and cannot afford either school as an out-of-state resident. My skills are rooted in photography, but in college while earning my bachelor's degree in anthropology I nearly completed a photography minor but switched to Spanish when I found the opportunity to apprentice under Walter Randolph Adams, MD in a qualitative research-driven study in biological anthropology in Panajachel, Guatemala (which required Spanish fluency--so I forfeited the photography minor in favor of advanced Spanish courses). While doing fieldwork in Guatemala I began taking photographs of locals (which was always an interesting negotiation, since some required money for a photo and others were excited or interested, whereas others (children, mainly) requested to hold my camera and asked me to teach them to use it in exchange for a photo of them. One family asked if I could post the photos on the internet, so I gave them business cards and posted the photos on my portfolio site. I also have maintained a relationship with a tour operator in Panjachel who personally knows the families--so I sent hard copies of the images which I hear now are framed in their homes. These portraits of Guatemalan children I consider my most important work, if not just for the gratification of giving these photographs to poverty-stricken families who had never been given the opportunity to document their children's growth and development. It was meaningful to realize this because my mother (an attorney and former photojournalist) documented my childhood in a way that allowed me to know what I looked like during each month of every year from 1989 to 2007 (when I started college in Oregon), and has since photographed every year of my life. Though not every month, it's at least once a year. She inspired my interest in photography (during family vacations we would spend each morning hiking with our cameras--capturing landscapes and micros of flowers and other objects. My mom taught me to use a manual 70s-era Nikon and Pentax that I used in college where I had access to a darkroom. Some of those prints are framed in my house, and I can attach them along with digital files of the photos of Guatemalan children and the tableau vivant series entitled Vivant Americana.
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