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Some Examples of how Mentors and Apprentices can help one another...

Mentors can teach apprentices their skills and offer them the use of their tools and/or studio space. They can give advice on how to run and grow a business, whether it's through teaching or through selling their work - or both. They can offer materials and help with networking. Mentors can teach how to be disciplined, offer support and give critiques.

Nowadays, most young folk are internet and computer savvy. Apprentices could potentially help by: keeping track of sales on the computer, selling directly online, marketing and advertising on the web (websites, blogs, social networking), graphic design (business cards, portfolios, catalogs), photography. It might just help to have an extra hand at craft shows or teaching. Or more traditional studio help: production work, doing 'finishing' work, tagging work and readying it for sale, shipping, data entry, organizing and cleaning.

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